EVERECO LTD is a Professional Language Service Provider based in Norwich covering different languages within East Anglia and supporting nationally assignments within United Kingdom.  

We are specialised in delivering fast, accurate, professional and high-quality interpreting services to our customers. 

Our Team of Interpreters can assist you in providing interpreting assignments over the phone from a medical appointment, court hearings or prison visits to small corporate events and small business conferences. 

The main current service offered by Evereco Ltd is on Demand Telephone Interpreting Service - which is a flexible service that fits around you and can be st very easy within minutes. This type of service is ideal for the meeting requirements as an alternative Face to Face Meetings and it is very economical to your Budget.

We can offer a 24 hours service, 365 days per year. It doesn't matter where you are in the United Kingdom, we can connect you to a professionally qualified interpreter for using any type of telephone in less than one minute. (please see below the languages we are currently able to support).  

We are using a professional Platform which was created for us by a technology company, a technology that enables us to manage and operate our Services in a competitive manner. 

This Platform allows us to be in control, connecting our customers with a qualified interpreter within  seconds.

It enables us to supply a service that is immediately accessible at any time of the day, from any location, using any type of telephone – including the new Voice – Over Internet Technology. It offers a flexible service that fits around you and can be set up within minutes.

The Key Benefits of our On Demand Telephone Interpreting  Line is:

* Is ideal in replacing the Face to Face Meetings and it is very economical

* Available 24 hours a day, 365 days per year

* The Platform has a RAPID RESPONSE AND CONNECTS our Customers with a qualified Interpreter in seconds 

* is a Professional, Reliable & Fully automated system which ensures minimum time – wastage and maximum efficiency for our Customers.

 Our Customers simply needs to know the following:

- The telephone number to dial

- Their Site Access PIN

- The four-digit code of the language required


Why choose us?

We can assist you with an experienced team of native and professional interpreters which hold qualifications such as:

-BA in Interpreting/ Community Interpreting Level 3,

-DPSI – Diploma in Public Services Interpreting (such as Local Gov, Law and Health),

-MA Interpreting / Translating and Metropolitan Police Test.

Most of our Interpreters are very valued members of Institute of Translating and Interpreting within UK / members of CIOL – Chartered Institute of Linguistics or members ATA (American Translators Association)

All the Interpreters are based within UK, have 400 hours of language interpreting experience and have an enhanced DBS Checked or PVG Scheme Record.

All our Interpreters provide our services at very high standards following the ITI Code of Practice for the Interpreters. All of our Interpreters signed a Confidentiality Agreement to ensure that a high Standard of Practice is performed, and the Confidentiality of our clients is maintained.


Languages we cover for Telephone Interpreting Services : 

* Polish 

* Spanish

* Italian 

* Portuguese

* French 

* Urdu 

* Punjabi (Pakistani)

* Punjabi (Indian)

* Hindi 

* Romanian 

* Arabic 

* Russian