Job Opportunities


If you are an excellent multilingual communicator who wants to work with languages and you are ready to enter a highly competitive industry, then we would like to hear from you. 

We currently have different freelance interpreters of all languages positions ,  to join our growing team of professional linguists.  The positions are for: 

- Face to Face Interpreting - All Languages 

- Telephone Interpreting - All Languages 

- Translators- All Languages. For these positions, please email your CV at : 

If you are interested in working with us as a Freelance Interpreter, please apply by sending  us your CV (email at : )  including the summary of your qualifications experience and your current enhanced DBS Certificate

If you would like to discuss further about our jobs opportunities, please don't hesitate to contact the Project Manager at or via the telephone at: 01603 301334

The Main Value Benefits working for us are: 

* We use the best Platform created especially for us by a technology company who collaborated with an expert who has many years working with a market leader in the field of Telephone Interpretation. So, the Platform created for us, has a solution that enable us to provide a “Rapid and Reliable Response “to the needs of our customers

* Flexible scheduling as our Platform is active 24/7 so you can set your own schedule and work whenever you want 

* On-time payments, as due to our Platform you , you can easily create and track your invoices , we tend to pay our suppliers faster then 30 days.

* Free Training and Development opportunities will be provided if required 

* Reward and Recognition Schemes 

* Birthday Vouchers 

* Fixed or flexible working hours from the comfort of your HOME 


Job Title: Freelance Telephone Interpreters (Advanced Level)



Department: Telephone Interpreting 

Reports to: Project Manager 

Location: Work at Home positions, any place within United Kingdom . The position is on a freelance / contractor basis, but could lead to a full time position. 

Salary: The Hourly rate can vary widely depending on your experience and qualifications, the type of interpreting location and the level of demand for the languages. 

Working Hours: Your working hours will be flexible.

Summary of position and Competencies Required: 

* to be able to listen, to understand and memorise content in the original source language and then reproduce it in the target language 

* to assimilate speakers' words quickly, including jargons and acronyms 

* to work as per our local professional code of conduct covering confidentiality and impartiality 

* to be alble to take notes to be able to aid memory 

* to use microphones and headsets 

* to prepare the paperwork by reviewing the agenda before any assignment when appointment received in advance. 

* to have dedication, confidentiality and reliability 

* to have an in-depth knowledge of the culture's relating to the languages you will be translating 

* to recognise Equality and Diversity and the importance of human rights with dignity and respect. To act in accordance with legislation, policies and procedures. 

*  to demonstrate superior proficiency in English and the second language - to have in depth understanding of cultural dynamics of both languages

* to express accuracy in both languages and comprehends various subjects at different levels of complexity

* to demonstrate mastery of correct word order in phrases and sentences and use of proper grammar 

* to display good communication skills such as clear enunciation, pronunciation , pleasant and professional tone of voice , and polite forms of expression in both languages

* to have competencies in the following industries such as: Medical, Finance, Insurance, Courts, Tribunals, Police and Government Agencies . To be familiar with terminology, procedures and products in those industries. 

* to demonstrate dependability, honesty, integrity and trustworthiness and to accept responsibility for own action. To know its own limits. 

* to have excellent Customer Services Skills and to be able to follow the client's instructions and exceeding their expectations. 


Educational Level:

The candidates must have at least one of the qualifications below: 

1. Batchelors and/or Master's degree in Languages, Translation, Interpretations , Philology, Linguistics or related fields. 

2. PhD. or Doctoral in Languages, Philology , Linguistic or related fields

3. NRPSI (National Register of Public Service Interpreting )

4. DPSI (Diploma in Public Services) 

5. Metropolitan Police Test 

6. Community Level Interpreter 2 (CLI2)

7. Community Interpreter Level 3 (CLI3)

8. Certificate of Higher Education in Translation, Interpretation , Languages, Philology or Linguistics. 

Please Note: If those qualifications do not apply to you, please refer your CV to us for a review and note that you may have to undergo further checks by our Recruitment Team such as a language assessment test. 

Interview Requirements:

- All applicants must possess a full driver's licence and to have access to their own vehicle 

- All applicants must have the right to work in the UK 

- An Enhanced DBS certificate is required, however if you do not have a current DBS certificate you can apply through us at your own expense or do so through another company agency. 

- the successful applicant must have a minimum of one year professional experience and at least two references for previous completed projects relating to their professional career are required.  

- the successful applicant must have a minimum of 20o hours on face to face interpreting or over the telephone ideally within the Public Sector.